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Our extensive focus on standardization over the past 50 years has helped us earn the reputation for being the trusted originator of quality identifiers and descriptive data that are interoperable among regulators, banks, vendors, exchanges and depositories.

In July 1964, the New York Clearing House Association approached the American Bankers Association to develop a way to improve operating efficiencies across the industry by developing a standard method of identifying securities. The Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) was created to work on this issue.

This resulted in the establishment of the CUSIP system and in 1968 the CUSIP Service Bureau was formed to administer the system. Over the years, the organization's core competencies in securities identification and data management and strong relationships with industry stakeholders positioned it as a catalyst for innovation. As coverage expanded to include new financial instruments and geographies, CGS emerged as the overarching entity for all CUSIP offerings.

CUSIP Global Services is managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association (ABA) by S&P Global Market Intelligence, with a Board of Trustees that represents the voices of leading financial institutions. Read more about our history here.

Simplifying your day-to-day financial transactions and business interactions.

CGS information helps streamline efficiencies throughout the global financial system. From the assignment of identifiers for new issues to their use in trading, settlement, asset servicing and risk management, clients rely on trusted CUSIP identifiers and the knowledge and experience of the CGS team to provide a solid foundation to run their businesses smoothly and reliably.

Asset Managers

Classify financial instruments for accurate portfolio management and fund administration.

Broker-Dealer & Investment Bankers

Optimize efficiencies and reduce failed trades.

Commercial Bankers

Maintain a universal reference for market pricing with CGS identifiers for syndicated loans.


Issue new securities and track them throughout their life cycle.


Streamline trade settlement and asset servicing.

Insurance Companies

Identify investments in annual statements with CGS private placement numbers (PPNs).

Regulatory & Government Agencies

Monitor cross-market and institution-specific activity.

Third-Party Providers

CGS identifiers can be accessed directly from CGS or by using third-party information providers.