Your key to a rich profile of data

CGS' commercial databases contain issuer and issue identifiers, standardized descriptions and related data for over 26 million unique financial instruments.

Unlock Millions of Unique Identifiers

As the data for each security assigned a CUSIP number are collected from documents on a pre-trade basis, the CGS database serves as the backbone for Securities Master Files among both vendor and user firms throughout the industry.

Unlock Unparalleled Coverage

Coverage includes corporate, government, municipal and international securities; IPO’s, preferred stock, funds, CDs and competitive/negotiated deals, derivatives, U.S. and Canadian listed and U.S. syndicated loans – and it’s always expanding.

Unlock Meaningful Data Attributes

More than just identifiers: CGS databases contain up to 60 different data elements relating to over 26 million financial instruments, plus event-driven corporate actions such as name changes, mergers, acquisitions and reverse splits.

CGS Database Services

Optimize efficiencies with sector-specific CGS databases and issue-alert services

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Identifier Solution Services

Accurately map and compare data in real time with multiple CGS Linkages Services

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Portfolio Services

Confirm and maintain accuracy of CGS identifiers with CGS Portfolio Services

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Segment Services

Create a common reference point for Equity Options, Syndicated Loans and Hedge Fund Services with CGS Segment Services

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Web Services

Choose between web look-up service for the entire CUSIP database or Municipal Issuer Access for disclosure reporting purposes

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CGS for the European Economic Area

Access and identify instruments of global interest with US ISIN Basic Service

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Certification Program

CGS assigns identifiers to publicly traded entities and the financial instruments associated with those entities.

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*License fees for CGS’ commercial database products apply to both direct customers (those who subscribe to an appropriate licensed product directly from CGS) and indirect customers (those who obtain CGS data from authorized vendors/information providers).