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CGS identifiers are invaluable in accurately identifying a financial instrument, processing income payments and bringing a high level of efficiency to front- and back-office functions. CGS’s Education Programs have been specifically designed to help users understand the structure and application of the CUSIP system and are offered free of charge in Seminar and Webinar format.

Inside the CGS Identification System (PDF)

CUSIP Global Services: From A to Z

  • Learn about the history behind the CUSIP system and how it has evolved with the market's needs.
  • Explore the full range of asset class coverage, including syndicated loans, options, and hedge funds.
  • Understand the crucial role of standards within the capital markets.
  • Gain insight into the CUSIP issuance process and the technology behind it.
  • Listen to our experts talk about the value of CUSIP data and products, whether consumed directly or indirectly through a vendor.
  • Recognize the industry input and thought leadership that fuels the growth of CUSIP Global Services.

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CUSIP Global Services: Advanced A to Z

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