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I hereby grant explicit permission to secure a GMEI/LEI entity identifier on behalf of the issuer.
I do not wish to secure a GMEI/LEI entity identifier on behalf of the issuer at this time (and have read the corresponding link ).
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Please note that, unless otherwise notified by the requester via email at the email address set forth below, CUSIP Global Services may, except in cases of privately placed securities or when the document is explicitly marked as private, make the offering documents associated with this request for an identifier available, in their entirety, to professional subscribers of its CUSIP Access look-up service. (please include your Request ID for reference)


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What Type of Documents are Needed
Security Type Send to CUSIP
1. Public Offering of Equity "Red Herring" (Preliminary Prospectus) or Registration Statement
2. American Depository Receipts Registration Statement F-6
3. Bank Holding Company Formation Registration Statement S-4
4. Company Emerging from chapter XI Disclosure Statement
5. Merger / Acquisition Merger Agreement (or) Certificate of Amendment


REMINDER: The appropriate Legal Documentation in its entirety must accompany this application